Scaling Multi Team Scrum Delivery with Jira

Many organizations have multiple teams running Scrum and use Jira for work tracking and managing the sprint cycle.

Popular Agile scaling frameworks including Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Scrum@Scale and Nexus all recommend having a single backlog and Product Owner.

This article will give you guidance on how to set up Jira and your teams to best support delivery of business value through having multiple teams working from the same backlog.

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Delivering Agile 101 Training at Curtin University

Friends reached out for some training for a few people in their teams at Curtin University, they were initially looking at about maybe six people. Fast forward a month and we had delivered three runs of our “Agile 101 with a Focus on Scrum” course for just short of 60 people across Technology, Marketing and People & Culture. Wow, what fun we had!!

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