Take a scientific approach to starting a Remote Working Community of Practice

So many of us have been thrust recently into remote working. We are dealing with new challenges and emerging practices to support us working effectively, blending our home and work life and maintaining social connections at a time we feel more isolated.

This seems fertile ground to start a new community of practice where people could discuss their challenges and share practices for which others might benefit. We felt this community of practice would have relevance to a group wider than the agile community we are normally engaged with. A new community group seemed appropriate over simply an event at one of the existing Agile community meetups we help organise.

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Personal Shield – An Exercise to Build a Strong Team

To build a strong team you need more than just documented ways of working (WoW). Having a defined process, definition of done and clear understanding of the roles we each play within a team is important, and alone will not make a team successful. A team is more than the sum of its parts – and great teamwork arises when team members know and care about each other personally..

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Remote working: how we do it at Agility Systems

At Agility Systems we operate as a remote scrum team. During the day we individually focus on serving our clients. To facilitate the business of Agility Systems we’ve developed a set of practices and behaviours that support us in working at our best outside usual business hours and when we’re not face to face. If you are experienced or new to remote teamwork, there may be something here for you – or maybe there is something you would like to offer us in the comments.

  1. Support asynchronous communications by default
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