Personal Shield – An Exercise to Build a Strong Team

To build a strong team you need more than just documented ways of working (WoW). Having a defined process, definition of done and clear understanding of the roles we each play within a team is important, and alone will not make a team successful. A team is more than the sum of its parts – and great teamwork arises when team members know and care about each other personally..

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Losing your way with scaling

I was working with a very Agile experienced business unit recently, they were having some issues with “momentum” in building a new product offering.

Within the business unit, there were 5 teams working on the minimum viable product offering, and 2 teams working on other products. The teams had all participated in incepting the work, and by all accounts it was a successful inception. Each team consisted of established team members, who together were high-performing and agile knowledgeable. There was one product backlog where features were defined. Each team was capable of delivering all the way to production. All the elements for success, it seemed was there.

They were tackling a brand new build, new technology and 5 teams all working on the same product. They launched into their sprints full of energy and enthusiasm. However, after several sprints, no business value was delivered, and their enthusiasm was replaced by stress.

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