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Steve Barrett Profile   

Perth, Western Australia

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Digester, aggregator and practitioner of things that work.

Steve is an experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach who can help organisations and teams embrace agility and create the right environment to support their journey towards high performance.

He has successfully led the adoption of agile for many teams and works at the strategic level to support agile transformations within organisations.

He is a passionate promoter of applying methods and practices with the right mindset that maximise the successful delivery of valuable product/business outcomes. He embraces servant leadership and leads by example when helping teams to develop their collaboration muscle and navigate their way through conflict and decision-making.

Having extensive experience in software development Steve is a promoter of strong technical practices that provide the right foundational support for iterative development and continuous delivery.

He is active in the agile community and the organiser for the Perth Scrum Master Guild and he regularly facilitates/presents at local agile community meet-ups.

Specialities: Agile methods including Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean Startup, Large Scaled Scrum (LeSS), Agile Coach / Facilitator / Teacher / Mentor for teams and organisations.

Will Webster – PSM I, Certified LeSS Practitioner, MCSD (Azure, Web Services, JS)
Perth, Western Australia



Techie, people person, collaborator and agilist. 

He has been doing Scaling and DevOps well before they where a thing. Highly passionate about tech, innovation and building awesome teams.

For over a decade Will has been working with Agile teams and has experience at enabling modern software development practises, Scaling Scrum and Agile. Will is a certified Scrum Master, Scaled Scrum (LeSS Nexus) and Kanban practitioner.

Will has lead and coached with teams to embed Test Automation, Build Pipelines (CICD), and XP practises (TDD, Refactoring, Paired and Mob programming)

Super passionate about customer collaboration, early feedback, user experience testing and simplicity.


Padgett Rowell – PSM-I, PSM-II, PSPO-I, CLP, MCPD, MCTS
Perth, Western Australia

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Padgett is a passionate and pragmatic agilist that is driven by coaching teams towards high performance and working collaboratively to solve complex, real world problems.

He has led the transformation of many teams to an agile way of working and coached leadership, teams, technical leads, scrum masters, project managers and development team members in:

  • new ways of working (operating model)
  • agile principles and practices
  • creating team culture 
  • roles and responsibilities

Working at the organisational level, Padgett has:

  • ‘Stood up’ many new teams, and helped them kick off programs of work
  • Co-developed and implemented assessment models for measuring and reporting on team metrics and health
  • Co-developed with functional areas and teams single pipeline workflows from ideation, triage, prioritisation through to release
  • Introduced and taught techniques (Customer Journey Mapping, Story Mapping, Story Writing, Estimation) so teams could take a customer centric approach to understanding value
  • Facilitated and developed training modules for teams on agile practises

Padgett gets excited by and enjoys large scale agile transformation and early stage product and app development.

Having extensive experience in software development and delivery, Padgett brings a perspective on what is valuable to the business, feasible to develop and sustainable to deliver.